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      USA                                                        Fiji Islands

Adobe Resort - Yachats, Oregon, USA

Aquila & Priscilla's - Springfield, Oregon, USA

Astoria Club - Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Beachcomber, The - Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

Bella Sera - Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Big River - Corvallis, Oregon

Brix 527 - Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Club Cupid - Limassol, Cyprus

Colombia Gorge Hotel - Hood River, Oregon, USA

Creswell Coffee Co. - Creswell, Oregon, USA

Edgeware, The - London, England

Embarcadero - Newport, Oregon, USA

Excelsior - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Fairmont - Anaconda, Montana, USA

Flamingo - Portland, Oregon, USA

Flying Cocotte - Beirut, Lebanon

George, The - London, England

Grouse Mountain Lodge - Whitefish, Montana, USA

Henry Estate - Umpqua, Oregon, USA

Highlands of Vista Ridge - Roseburg, Oregon

Hilton - Eugene and Newport, Oregon, USA

Hood River Inn - Hood River, Oregon, USA

Inn At The Otter Crest - Otter Crest, Oregon, USA

Jockey Club - Beirut, Lebanon

Johnny Ocean's - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Jot's - Gold Beach, Oregon, USA

Kahneeta - Warm Springs, Oregon, USA

Kit Kat - Beirut, Lebanon

Las Vegas Hotel - Tenerife, Canary Islands

LaVelle - Eugene, Oregon

Mario's - Barcelona, Spain

Mayfair - London, England

Melrose - Roseburg, Oregon, USA

My Coffee - Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Owl's Nest - Sunriver, Oregon, USA

Piccadilly Room - Vancouver, Canada

Roseburg Country Club, Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Red Rooster - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Royal Anne - Kelowna, Canada

Saginaw Vineyard - Creswell, Oregon, USA

Shasta Inn, The - Redding, California, USA

Sheraton - Portland Airport, Oregon, USA

Ship Ashore - Smith River, California, USA

Silver Surf - Yachats, Oregon, USA

Smuggler's - Newport, Oregon, USA

Spinner's - Gold Beach, Oregon, USA

Stardust - Yuma, Arizona, USA

Sweet Cheeks - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Sweetwaters (VRI) - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Take Five - Sacramento, California, USA

U of S - Sheffield, England

Vero's - Eugene, Oregon

Village Green - Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

             ... to name a few

Great Britain



Canary Islands



               The Fijian Chief and Kara (Artist: Bill Bates)

A Ceremonial Gathering: (Left to Right) Apakuki Tuitavua, Dr. Samu Baravilala (No,
not a witch doctor... Even tho my dad may look like one in this picture, but he's a real
doctor), Ratu Vuiyasawa, Tui Noco

A different kind of 'the blues'

Bridge to nowhere!

A traditional Fijian home called 'Bure' (BOO-reh): The ultimate All-In-One: Bedroom,
Dining Room, Conference Room, Walk-in Closet ... we're working on indoor plumbing. :)

'Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
          Explore. Dream. Discover.'                                                        (Mark Twain)

'No Man Is An Island' (John Donne)
                                                                 But sometimes, it just works ...

... then again, what good is Paradise if you can't share it with someone.

Easy like Sunday morning...

Now where's that apple tree... with the snake?

Wait a minute! What's he doing on that side - and what are we doing on...? Oh yeah! Phew!
(Fiji is left-hand-drive. I should visit more often)

No, it's not an outhouse.

Skinny dippers require privacy... much to their dismay.


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